About Us

What is Freemasonry?

(as quoted from the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma's website):

Freemasonry (Masonry) is a fraternity; it’s the oldest and largest men’s organization in the world. The dates have been lost in antiquity, but the earliest forms of Freemasonry may have arisen in the mid-1100's. Records are better from the time of Shakespeare onward, and much better after 1717, when the first Grand Lodge was formed in England. There are about 2 million Masons in the United States, and about 4 million Masons world wide.

Local groups of Masons meet in Lodges, often called “Blue Lodges.” Blue Lodge Masonry is for men only (it is a fraternity) but there are organizations in the Masonic family for women only, for men and women, and for young people.

What is its purpose?

(as quoted from the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma's website):

The purpose of the Fraternity is the self-development of the individual as an independent, thinking, ethical, compassionate man of integrity. It is often said “Freemasonry takes good men and makes them better.” That’s true. It also gives us great friendships with people we know we can trust, no matter what.

While charity is not the primary purpose of Masonry, Masons and Lodges still do much to make the lives of others better. Last year, we gave more than $2 million to help communities buy emergency equipment, help needy families, provide scholarships, support education, purchase school supplies for teachers, support the arts in the public schools, and much, much more. We sent supplies to American troops overseas and gave both volunteer time and money to help their families here. One in every six Oklahomans benefits in some way from the philanthropic activities of Oklahoma’s Freemasons.

Who are we?

In the spring of 1903, a few of the early settlers began to talk about Masonry. They called a meeting April 27, 1903, for the purpose of taking action to secure a Lodge in Wheatland. This meeting was held in the office of the HEDERICK GRAIN CO. with eleven men present. On motion, Brother L. F. Johnson was elected chairman and Brother S. A. Morrison secretary of the meeting. It was decided they petition the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Okla. Territory for a dispensation.

About one week later, on May 2, 1903, the chairman called another meeting in the office of the grain co.. On motion each Brother was instructed to procure a demit from his respective lodge. On motion the Brothers decided to borrow $150.00 for purchasing paraphernalia, dispensation, and defray necessary expenses that might occur on organizing a lodge. The money was borrowed from the grain co. for 180 days at 10% interest.

On May 29, 1903, the following Brothers were nominated to fill the three principle offices; Brother Leander F. Johnston Worshipful Master, Brother Samuel E. Prather Senior Warden and Brother Alexander Rogers Junior Warden.

"URIAH" was selected to be the name of the proposed new lodge, it being in honor of Brother Uriah Johnson, he being at this time past 77 years old and a Master Mason of more than 40 years. The temporary Treasurer at this time was Brother Elmer T. Mitchell.

How do I join?

Come visit us on a Tuesday night. Talk to the Brothers. Fill out a Petition for Membership. Submit the petition with your $150 one-time fee. We will wait 28 days to read the petition while a committee of Brothers interviews you and takes a recommendation back to the Lodge. Once your petition is read and accepted, you will being your journey through the fascinating world of Masonry.